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What is advanced driving?

If you believe driving is about more than simply getting from A to B, then IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driving Course is for you.

Advanced driving is about maximising your driving pleasure by ensuring you get the best out of whatever you drive, and you arrive at your destination in safety and comfort. The Advanced Driving Course (ADC) will develop your ability to observe, plan and anticipate road risks, and combines this with superb vehicle handling skills and heightened awareness to raise your game and help you stay one step ahead of other road users.

Whether you’ve recently passed your test or a seasoned, high mileage driver, the advanced driving challenge has something for you.

Younger drivers can benefit from additional coaching in hazard management to keep driving risks low, and also prevent risk-increasing behaviours taking root. More experienced drivers may find that changes in engine and gearbox technology mean their driving style is out of sync with their modern vehicle or company car, and that small changes introduced by one of our observers could make a big difference to fuel economy, safety, and driving enjoyment.

The Advanced Driving Course is designed with you in mind.

Delivered locally by one of our IMI-qualified observers, the course consists of a series of observed or coached drives in your own vehicle, at a time to suit you. This could be after work, during the day, or even at the weekend, and is totally flexible. During the sessions, your observer will take you through the advanced driving course, beginning with an initial drive to establish your driving profile and assess your coaching needs, before explaining the system of car control, on which the entire Advanced Driving Course is based. As your confidence grows, your observer will introduce new concepts to develop your driving skills on a variety of road types and environments, recording your progress at the end of each session so you know how you’re doing. Following the end of your training, we encourage all our ‘associates’ (or trainees) to demonstrate their abilities to one of IAM RoadSmart’s knowledgeable and friendly assessors.

Full Member Eligibility

On successful completion of the programme, you’ll be eligible for full membership of IAM Roadsmart and gain access to a range of member benefits, including members-only car insurance, new vehicle purchase offers, discounts at National Tyres and Autocare, and the IAM RoadSmart magazine. At a local level, membership of Weston and Mendip Advanced Motorists means you’ll receive regular news and updates via Routes, our group magazine, free members’ DriveChecks, and the chance to experience our exciting programme of events, including social evenings, group visits and skid control training. Advanced driving really is a skill for life – why not take the challenge today?   We have an active social calendar, with a mix of activities from monthly meetings with guest speakers, to visits to skid pans, motor museums and other establishments. If you are interested in the idea of Advanced Driving, please feel free to browse our website. Alternatively, email or ring us for a chat. We offer FREE Taster Sessions and FREE Demonstration Drives to help you decide if this is for you, so give us a ring today.